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Dr. Antony Anderson C.Eng FIEE/FIET

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Independent Electrical Engineering Consultant

(Also Associate of Cambashi Ltd, Cambridge
and of

Ryton Associates, Ryton-on-Tyne.)

to 2011

Electrical Engineering Consultancy: Investigating medium-sized generator stator and rotor failure mechanisms [EU], Investigating generator rotor failure mechanisms [Colombia]; Large machine core failure investigation on behalf of loss adjusters [UK/overseas]; 100 MW core failure investigation [UK]; Investigating problems in hydro-generator testing [Canada]; Investigating a sequence of stator winding failures on deep well induction motor pumps [Libya]; Advising on in-situ repairs of 30MW and 37.5MW generator stators [México]; Investigating the possible winding failure mechanism on high speed switched reluctance motors [EU]; Auditing improvements in automatic voltage regulator subject to heavy vibration levels [EU]; Magnetic bearing failure investigation [UK]; Investigating the causes of supposed electric shock to a maintenance technician on a vacuum forming press [UK]; Advising a contract R & D laboratory specialising in electrical machine problems [UK]; Advising an Automobile Component Manufacturer’s Research Laboratory on the patent aspects of novel switched-field reluctance motors.

Electrical Expert Witness:  Automobile speed control failures and sudden acceleration events [UK, USA, France, Sweden]; Vehicle electro-hydraulic stability system [UK]; Vehicle Pressure Switch Fire [USA]; Vehicle electrical cable fire [UK]; Catastrophic armature failure of a 1300 kW D.C. industrial mixer motor, advising on repair and providing Expert Witness Reports; Failure of low voltage substation air circuit breaker controller [UK, Single Joint Expert]. Vacuum cleaner cable fire [UK]; Farmhouse electrical cable fire [UK]; Chicken Hatchery Fire [UK], Electric shock during fault finding in steel mill water pump cubicle[UK] ; Alleged shock from electric lift call button [UK]; Electromechanical problems and drive motor reliability in a drinks dispensing machine [UK];

MARI Computer Systems Ltd, Gateshead

MARI was an IT Services Organisation 
carrying out R&D, technology  transfer 
and training for Industry, UK Government Departments, and the European Commission.
Principal Consultant
Main achievements at MARI were: Euromanagement R & D audits on 20 SMEs in Scotland and  NE England (1995-6). IDS of Aberdeen  won a 700  kECU Thermie contract to test  novel sub-sea telemetry as a result; Technology transfer consultancy on CADCAM  to 6  SMEs in Saxony  (1994-6); Managing  Langbaurgh Information Technology Advisory Service (1994); Consultant to Lochgilphead, Islay, Hoy and Unst Telecottages (1992); European Commission Technical expert, evaluator,  reviewer for ESPRIT CIM  and BRITE/Euram
NEI Parsons Ltd,
Newcastle upon Tyne
Manufacturers of Turbine Generator plant 
and Ancilliary Systems. Towards the end 
of this period NEI became part of the 
Rolls-Royce Power Engineering Group. 

Manager, Information Systems Evaluation Department, reporting to the Commercial Director. 
Managed a core team of  graduate engineers and motivated and  coordinated  activity throughout the Company on the development of a Product Structure system for project definition and project  management:  bid preparation, design, manufacture and assembly, commissioning and maintenance. The  system was successfully implemented. Also initiated evaluation studies on potential applications of Intelligent CAD and supervised pilot expert systems applications. Member NEI Group Working Party on evaluation of computer-based Project Management Systems
R & D Laboratories, 
C.A. Parsons & Co Ltd 
Newcastle upon Tyne
Group Leader, Electromagnetics Group, 
Managed a multi-disciplinary team of 10 engineers and technicians on instrumentation and measurement projects to improve generator performance. When a  number of large generators suffered catastrophic core melting, organised detailed investigations,  to establish and report  causes.  This enabled design changes to be made  and appropriate remedial action to be taken. Developed a rotating power source to power turbine radio telemetry.
R & D Laboratories, 
C.A. Parsons & Co Ltd 
Newcastle upon Tyne
Senior Engineer, Electromagnetics Group, 
Responsible for developing ab initio investigative methods and reporting of generator stator core failures.
Electrical Engineering Department
International Research & Development Company Ltd,
Newcastle upon Tyne

The Industrial Contract Research and Development organisation for the Reyrolle Parsons Group

Group Leader, Superconducting A.C.Machines Group,
Managed feasibility and experimental studies - electrical, mechanical and cryogenic - on Superconducting AC Generators for C.A. Parsons and CEGB. External consultancy on small timing motors and commutation and brushwear problems on the DC lift motors for the Tracked Hovercraft.
Electrical Engineering Department
International Research & Development Company Ltd,
Newcastle upon Tyne
Senior Engineer, Superconducting A.C.Machines Group, Electrical Engineering Department 
Development of analysis of helical stator winding for synchronous superconducting AC generator.
University of Dundee, 
Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 
NRDC Post Doctoral Fellow: Development of Axially-Laminated Rotor Reluctance Motors. Measurement of transient stability characteristics and modelling of D/Q axis equations using a hybrid analogue/digital computer.
AEI Rugby, BTH Works, 
Plant Application Engineering Department
Engineer : Simulation of variable speed drives mainly for the metal rolling industry using analogue computers
University of St Andrews, 
Queen's College, Dundee
1962 / 1965 Ph. D. student, Department of Electrical Engineering working on switched field reluctance motors and synchronous reluctance motors with axially laminated rotors. Supervisor Dr A. J. O. Cruickshank
University of St Andrews, 
Queens College Dundee
1958 / 1962 Undergraduate Student in Applied Science (Electrical Engineering). specialising in Electrical Machines, Control Theory and Power Systems. Awarded First Class Honours Degree and Ferranti Prize. 

Vacation Experience  : Shawinigan Water & Power Co P.Q. Canada (1961); CEGB Earley Power Station (1960) ; Sir Robert McAlpine & Co Ltd Llanwern Steelworks Site Civil Construction (1959); British Rail, Signal Engineering Department York (1958)
Metropolitan Vickers Ltd., Trafford Park, Manchester 1957/
Pre University Apprenticeship. comprising 3 months basic workshop training followed by two month periods in : Traction Department; R & D Laboratories; Foundry; Scientific Apparatus Test.
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