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Dr. Antony Anderson C.Eng FIEE  : Some Previous Innovative Projects
"Every invention has its own pedigree"
Sir Joseph Swan

"Originality consists in thinking  for oneself, not in thinking differently from other people"
Bishop Blunt of Bradford

4 pole swinging field
                      reluctance motor with full pitched windings:
                      Cruickshank and Anderson Switched Reluctance Motors : Early demonstration of thyristor-driven variable-speed switched-field reluctance motors with both concentrated and distributed stator windings.
UK patent 

See also Chapter 2, Electronic Control of Switched Reluctance Motors edited by T.J.E. Miller
Newnes Power Series 2001ISBN 0 7506 50737

Cross section of
                      axially laminated (ALA) rotor for synchronous
                      reluctance motor : Cruickshank and Anderson Synchronous Reluctance Motors with axially-laminated rotors
Design and performance of high-performance motors with novel rotor construction
UK Patent

Helical Winding Model
                      Fig 7 Anderson, Bumby & Hassell Proc IEE, Vol
                      127, Pt C, No 3, May 1980
Helical winding model 
built at Leeds University

Evolution of 
a helical winding

Helical Stator Winding
Studies which demonstrated feasibility of helical stator windings for superconducting a.c. generators and helped establish a  theoretical basis for understanding its electromagnetic performance (1970-1974)
  • Ross J.S.H, Anderson A.F., MacNab, R. B. UK Patent 1 395 152 Alternating Current Dynamo-Electric Machine Windings  Published 21 May 1975
  • Anderson, A.F,. Bumby, J.R., Hassall, B.I. : Analysis of helical armature windings with particular reference to superconducting a.c. generators. Proc. IEE, Vol 127, Pt. C, No 3 MAY 1980 pages 129 - 144   Download pdf file

  • Abstract: An unusual form of polyphase armature winding is described in which conductors lie on a helix of constant radius as they pass from one end of the machine to the other. There are no end windings. An analysis of the winding is peformed which allows analytic expressions for the flux densities and machine reactances to be found. Measured and calculated values of synchronous reactance agree to within 2%. Some of the more unusual properties of helical windings are discussed.  Further notes on helical windings 

Rotating power source
                      for on-board telemetry: On-board power source for Rotating Telemetry
overcame the need for on-board battery supplies for turbine rotor telemetry.
UK patent. Product licensed to Technitron UK

Multi-level, structured Breakdown of Power Plant on a systematic and generic basis into
  • Main Product Groups (Main Turbine System, Electrical Generation System etc)
  • Functional Product Elements (HP Turbine, IP Turbine.... Generator, Exciter etc)
  • Sub-systems, sub-assemblies etc
Used as basis for identification of the extent of supply, and as the common identifier for all information associated with the plant.      Further notes.
Development of Product Structure based identification system for Turbine Generator  Plant
managed the team responsible for designing and implementing a structured coding system for product identification and cost estimating for use throughout the design and manufacturing cycle. System successfully implemented within NEI Parsons in the mid 1980s as basis of  the Power Plant Project Management System

Application of object-oriented principles to Turbine-Generator Plant design & manufacture
managed the team responsible for introducing the object-oriented approach in engineering computing applications and for organising trials of intelligent CAD systems within NEI Parsons in the late 1980s.Early development of a product configurator by a member of the team was later taken up by a major software company.

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