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Capability Statement on Electrical Machine  Investigations

by Dr. Antony Anderson CEng FIEE/FIET

The relevant experience that Antony Anderson can bring as an electrical consultant and expert witness to problems associated with  electrical machines and their control is as follows: -

1a - Recent Electrical Engineering Consultancy:

  • Investigating medium-sized generator stator and rotor failures[EU and Colombia], 
  • Large generator core failure investigation for loss adjusters [UK/overseas]; 
  • 100 MW core failure investigation [UK];
  • Investigating hotspots found during hydro-generator testing [Canada];
  • Investigating stator winding failures on deep well induction motor pumps
  • Advising on in-situ repairs of 30MW and 37.5MW generator stators [México];
  • Investigating possible winding failure mechanisms on high speed switched reluctance motors [EU];
  • Auditing improvements to an automatic voltage regulator subject to heavy vibration [EU]; 
  • Investigating Magnetic bearing failure [UK];
  • Investigating  supposed electric shock to a maintenance technician on a vacuum forming press [UK]; 
  • Advising a contract R & D laboratory specialising in electrical machine problems [UK]; 
  • Advising an Automobile Component Manufacturer’s Research Laboratory on the patent aspects of novel switched-field reluctance motors
  • Examining questionable performance claims for an electrostatic generator; [UK];
  • Examining questionable performance claims for a domestic energy-saving device [EU].

1b - Recent Electrical Expert Witness work:

  • Automobile cruise speed control failures and sudden acceleration events [UK, USA, France, Sweden];
  • Vehicle electro-hydraulic stability system malfunction caused by intermittent electrical connector [UK];
  • Vehicle Pressure Switch Fire [USA];
  • Vehicle electrical cable fire [UK];
  • Catastrophic armature failure of a 1300 kW D.C. industrial mixer motor;
  • Intermittent tripping of low voltage substation air circuit breaker controller [UK, Single Joint Expert].
  • Vacuum cleaner cable fire [UK];
  • Farmhouse electrical cable fire [UK];
  • Chicken Hatchery Fire [UK];
  • Electric shock during fault finding in steel mill water pump cubicle [UK];
  • Alleged shock from electric lift call button [UK];
  • Electromechanical problems  in a drinks dispensing machine [UK].
Antony Anderson's client list includes: Amey Business Services, Brown & Root North Africa, Cooper Standard Ltd.,  GENERADORES MEXICANOS, S.A. DE C.V., GE Jenbacher, Howden UK, IMRA Europe SA, Linpak Plastics Ltd., Paragon International Ltd., Picanol/Protronic NV,   Scientific Generics(Sagentia),  The SPEED Laboratory Glasgow,  Voith-Siemens Hydro Power Generation Inc.


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2. Organising electrical machine  failure investigations and associated experimental work

During the mid-late 1970's several  manufacturers of large electrical generators were experiencing problems with 500 MW and 660 MW generators failing due to core faults/core end heating.  Antony Anderson organised the extensive and rigorous core failure investigations and associated in-works and site experimental work carried out at that time by NEI Parsons.  These investigations involved coordinating a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and metallurgists and gathering and reporting the results.  For general discussion of core fault mechanisms, see Generator Core Faults

3. Wide background of electrical machines experience -

  • Antony Anderson was Group Leader of the Electromagnetics Group, R & D Laboratories NEI Parsons for four years. This involved organising the design, installation and use of special purpose instrumentation of large generators to measure temperatures, flux densities and eddy currents, especially in the end regions and under transient conditions. Incidental studies were undertaken on arcing in hydrogen and factors affecting metal-to-metal contact resistance relating to generator rotor damper windings. 
  • Antony Anderson co-ordinated  feasibility studies and experimental testing relating to  Superconducting AC Generators at the International Research and Development Co. Ltd for three years. During this period the properties of a novel helical stator winding were investigated. He also acted as an external consultant on small timing motors for Edgecumbe Peebles Ltd and on  armature flashover problems that occurred on the DC lift motors used on the Tracked Hovercraft. 
  • Antony Anderson was employed as a Plant Application Engineer with the Plant Application Engineering Department  AEI Rugby for two years. This involved the specification and simulation of the transient performance of a large number of AC and DC control system configurations for various different industries, in particular for the metal rolling industry and for ship propulsion drives. Extensive knowledge was gained relating to the electronic simulation of electro-mechanical systems under transient conditions.

Antony Anderson


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