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When you download certain pages on this website, a NEDSTAT counter will record limited domain information about your visit as part of the analysis of the use of this site. This information enables the Webmaster to gain an approximate idea as to where recent visitors have come from and, if they used a search engine to find the site, which search engine and which keywords they used. This information is useful for helping to improve the search engine rankings for the web pages. If you wish to see what information was collected for the last ten visitors, you should visit the following addresses:  The main means of interaction between the visitor and this website is through the Visitors Guestbook. The website author and webmaster disclaim any responsibility for the content of the entries in the visitors book, which remain the opinions of the contributor, for which the contributor alone remain responsible. The webmaster reserves the right to remove entries at any time, especially if, in his judgement, they could be construed to be offensive or could be deemed outside what might generally be considered a fair expression of opinion on the subject matter of the website or a fair comment on previous entries in the visitor's book. 

Details of names, e-mail addresses and content of messages in the website Visitors Guestbook will not be passed on to third parties without the express permission of the contributor in question. Web visitors should understand however that by entering their e-mail address in the visitors' guestbook they place it in the public domain and are in effect inviting others to communicate with them. Further 

Any e-mails and attachments sent to me relating to the pages on this website will be treated in the greatest confidence. In no case will I forward the contents of an e-mail or its attachments to a third party without first checking with the originator that I have his or her permission to do so.

There have been several occasions in the past when individuals seeking technical advice have attached unsolicited images of damaged electrical machines etc. to their e-mails, the better to explain the situation. Whilst receiving such information is always helpful to the discussion process, I would remind visitors that by sending intellectual property that may belong to their company, they may be breaching their own company rules on confidentiality. If you find yourself in such a situation, please do not  send me confidential information and especially images unless and until you have checked the matter out with your organisation and have the authorisation to do so. Normally organisations regularise the situation by asking me to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which, of course, I am always ready to do. 

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